S.H.A.T is the Security for the Humaine Association of Tennessee. They are keeping all civil disobedience off the streets of Tennessee. It's a lot of work for two men, but they know how to get it done with style. Enjoy the very first, but not last Episode of S.H.A.T.

Advanced version of the basic Childhood Slip N' Slide. Throwback to the last summer in high school. Going to miss it. Enjoy the epic Slip N' Slide Shot and edited by Jacob Denbrock. -@JDenbrock Shot with Canon T3i on GlideCam HD1000, GoPro Hero 3+. Ramp made of dirt and wood finish.

This is a short film of my summer trip to Maui, Hawaii. Hope you enjoy! Filmed and Edited by JDenbrock - Music: The Cinematic Orchestra - To build a home (instrumental)

Ever have that awkward moment when you're trying to take a Sh** and people come in and invade on your valuable poop time. Well if you can relate to this check out Kerplunk, it might bring back a few memories.

JDenbrock bring's you his version of a Red Bull commercial! Enjoy! BallHandler: Hunter Smith Victim: Banks Mayo Special Thanks to Drew Presson on set, and Christy Denbrock for post and pre production.

Just a calm Snow Day... in the spring... by JDenbrock

This short features my girlfriend Meg Anderson. She rides hunter jumper at a little barn called Aintree Farms. Hope you Enjoy! Song by: Lorde - Tennis Court

This video is a compilation of everything I've done summer of 2014! Hope everyone enjoys and I hope everyone had and incredible summer! Subscribe! Locations: Maui, Hawaii Pickwick, TN Heber Springs, AR